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New from Solbern
    Automatic Paper Wrapper and Labeler

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Solbern has been designing, manufacturing and supplying Food Processing Equipment to the Food Industry for over 50 years. Our Filling Equipment
, for container sizes from retail up to #10 cans and gallons, enjoys a reputation for accuracy and durability. Our extensive product line includes Direct Fillers for free flowing solid products, such as vegetables, pickled products, mushrooms, spices and delicate products. Our liquid filling equipment can add brine, broth or sauce to pre-filled containers or fill non-carbonated liquids. One of our many specialties is filling non-carbonated liquids into aluminum cans at speeds of up to 1,400 cans per minute. Our filling expertise has also expanded to The Pickle Industry, which has benefited from our equipment developments such as, Pickle Packers, Spear Packers, Spear Cutters, Slab Slicer and Filler and other equipment widely used and  recognized.

The popularity of Prepared Foods has provided an opportunity for Solbern to develop equipment to automate the folding or rolling of products such as burritos, egg rolls, taquitos, blintzes and other dough based wrapped products. With over 160 lanes currently producing these products domestically and internationally, Solbern's position in this field is unmatched. We work with our customers to supply equipment that consistently produces a superior quality product, uniform in size. This advantage, combined with labor reduction savings, empowers our customers with the competitive edge necessary for success in  the highly competitive food industry.

Solbern is always looking at new applications for our products and new products to develop. If you have equipment needs and cannot find an available solution, please contact us and we will gladly evaluate the possibility of developing equipment for your particular application.

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