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Burrito Folder

Present Burrito hand folding lines are labor intensive operations that are often costly and prone to personal injuries resulting from repetitive motion, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The Solbern Burrito Folding Machine automatically folds tortillas into finished Burritos. The Machine is offered in single and double lane configurations with an output capacity of 60 and 120 Burritos per minute, respectively. Each lane consists of a series of folding platforms mounted on a specialized carrier chain providing an endless array. The tortillas are hand placed on each platform. The platforms convey the tortillas to a depositor station where the filling is deposited on  the tortillas. A cam assembly hinges the front section of each platform to  form the first fold over the filling. The platforms then rotate 90 degrees in preparation for the next folds. The platforms continue to a second cam assembly area where the second and third folds are performed. The hinged sections return to their original position in preparation for the transfer to the final fold stations. A lift arm in each platform transfers the partially folded Burrito onto a smooth conveyor belt, where the final folds will take place. The transfer is performed and a smooth belt conveys the Burrito to a set of jaws which folds the Burrito. The Burrito is released by the jaws and continues on the smooth conveyor to a second set of jaws where the final fold is performed, producing a finished Burrito. The Solbern Burrito Folding Machine produces a consistently uniform product to your product specifications. Please consult factory for other applications.
The machine is a straight-line design having one or two lanes, each containing a Folding Platform Conveyor System and a Final Rolling Station. The machine is variable speed and is capable of processing up to 60 Egg rolls per minute per lane (up to 120 total per minute for 2 lanes). The Platform Conveyor employs plates mounted on fixed intervals and when running provides an endless array. Each Platform contains a hinged section, which is used to initially form the Egg roll. The Egg roll skins are manually placed upon each Platform as the Platforms pass through the Loading Zone. Immediately following the Loading Zone, a photocell detects the skin on the Platform and a signal is input to the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). This signal controls the Filling Depositor and a Spray Station providing a ďno-skin/no-fillĒ and ďno-skin/no-sprayĒ operation. As the Platforms advance on the machine, they engage a cam track that forms the front roll over the filling. A second set of cams engage the platforms to form the side folds. A lifting device incorporated on each Platform transfers the semi-finished Egg roll onto the Roll Station conveyor belt. The Roll Station performs the final rolling and discharges the finished Egg roll.

Solbern has developed the Taquito Roller based on itís patented folding platform design. This unique machine, available in single and dual lane configurations, is capable of mechanically rolling corn or flour tortillas into Taquitos at speeds of up to 150 per minute. Solbernís proven design  accommodates a wide variety of applications and provides solutions to customersí unique products. In the ever changing industry of Prepared Foods, versatility is the key to success. Solbernís philosophy from the onset of  itís Dough Folding Equipment line, is to design the equipment  around the customerís product. If the customerís product changes, we often provide alternatives in the form of change parts that would allow a customer to manufacture a variation of his original product, and in certain instances a different product altogether.

The narrow straight line design of the Taquito Roller allows hand placement of tortillas on either side of the machine and provides efficient use of floor space, allowing multiple lines to be installed side by side.  PLC controlled mechanical components, without the use of robotics or complicated electronics, make this machine a work horse in your production chain. Low maintenance and ease of accessibility are also unique features of this machine.
                          Folderd or Rolled Products

Products such as quesadillas and tacos, which consist in folding a tortilla or other flat bread product in half with filling inside, can also be done on Solbern Folding Equipment.

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