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Pickle Equipment

Solbern’s involvement and commitment to the Pickle Industry is widely recognized. Our equipment in this category includes Pickle Packers capable of filling from pints to gallon jars, Automatic Spear Packers that slice and pack pickle spears, Spear Cutters for slicing cucumbers into 4ths,5ths and halves, Half Packers and most recently The Solbern Slab Slicer & Filler. This latest model automatically slices two cucumbers into slabs and places the slabs into jars at a rate of 30 jars per minute. This engineering achievement was accomplished by Solbern in response to the numerous request received from our Pickle Industry customers.

Model HVOP

The Solbern Model HVOP can pack better than 240 quarts fresh pack pickles per minute. The multi-lane feeder with bias cut discharge distributes the product evenly along the entire length of the fluted vibrating shaker pan. The shaker pan aligns pickles for feed into the jar mouth. The rotary motion available on the Solbern packer assists the pickles being vertical and tightly packed requiring fewer toppers. In the case of gherkins, small pickles and slices, no toppers are needed to fill required net weights.

¨ The filler can pack all fresh pack and processed pickles, gherkins, onions, olives, mixes and peppers.

¨ The jar gripping rails can be easily adjusted to accommodate from 8 ounces up to gallon jars.

Model 76 Spear Cutter

The Model 76 Spear Cutter was specially designed to produce high quality cucumber spears for hand packing. The machine’s unique centering technique positions each cuke precisely with reference to the cutting blades. With appropriate knives six, five, four or two slices can be made. Cukes are manually loaded into cavities in the rotary feeder turret. These are synchronized with the cuke centering chucks on the cutting turret. After the cuke falls into the chucks, the cuke is debutted to the proper length and gravity actuated plungers contact the trimmed end and pushed centered cuke through the cutting knife. Perfectly cut spears then slide down a chute to the customers conveyor.

¨ The machine will accept cucumbers up to 2-3/8” in diameter.

¨ Maximum speed: 80 cucumbers per minute.

¨ Rapid container size changeover without replacement parts.

¨ No product waste, all filling is done within the drum.

¨ High speed and accurate fill weights.

Model DDSP Spear Packer

The Model DDSP Spear Packer is capable of slicing and filling spears into jars. A bucket conveyor brings the cucumber in line with four feed chutes while sizing each cucumber to a pre-determined length. A chuck assembly centers the cucumber in relation to the five or six cutting knives. A plunger pushes the cucumber through the knives, cutting it into 5 or 6 equal sections. A bead pusher guides the cut spears through the spear tunnel and into the jars. The spears are positioned around the circumference of the jar, creating a tight uniformly packed package.

¨ Available in five or six cut.

¨ Available only through a cost effective lease agreement.

¨ Spears are placed in the jars cut side facing towards the outside.

¨ PLC control option available.

Model Slab Slicer & Filler

The newly developed Solbern Slab Slicer & Filler can slice and fill 2 cucumbers into each jar at a rate of 30 jars per minute, with no scrap. The cucumber is conveyed to a chuck assembly, where a plunger will push the cucumber through a knife assembly. The individual slabs will be cut to a thickness of 3/16”. The slabs then enter the jar and the jar travels to the second station, where the second cucumber is sliced and filled into the jar. The outer slabs may or may not be included in the jar, depending on customer preference. The customer has the option of placing additional slabs, if so desired.

¨ Easy to operate.

¨ Low maintenance

¨ Quick pay back.

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