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The Solbern Straight line Liquid Filler Model LFF is available in three sizes, LFF-72, LFF-103 and LFF-133. Your production speed requirements will determine which model is better suited for your application. The LFF is widely use throughout the Food Industry for filling free flowing non-carbonated products such as juice, nectar, ice tea, broth, sauce and water-topping for soup.

This seamer driven model delivers extremely accurate headspace by using the container as the measuring device. Traveling funnels in an endless chain move beneath a continuous flow of liquid. The traveling funnels are synchronized to the traveling containers beneath and direct the flow of product into the containers. Containers are slightly over-filled at a predetermined angle. The slight overflow is captured and returned to processing for maximum yield. Adjusting the container filling angle regulates the total fill volume and headspace. The can flange acts as a pouring spout. No product touches the sides of the container.

Based on seamer model and container size, the Model LFF-133 can precisely fill at speeds of up to 1,400 cans per minute. No machine out there comes close to the accuracy of the Solbern LFF on hot filled liquids such as juices, nectars and ice tea into steel or aluminum cans. The LFF's straightline design is not affected by the effects of centrifugal force normally associated with rotary fillers, which create  spillage and product waste. There are no pistons, screens, valves and other maintenance demanding components used on the Solbern LFF. This model is truly simple and cost effective.

Solbern Model LFF-133 (operator side).
Shown above with 24 oz. aluminum cans.
Solbern Model LFF-72

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